Agreement Migrant

It is illegal for anyone who does not have the right to seize, destroy or destroy identity documents, documents authorizing entry or residence, residence or establishment in the territory or work permit. The collection of these documents, which complies with the authorization, is not carried out without receiving a detailed receipt. Under no circumstances is it permissible to destroy the passport or equivalent document of a migrant worker or family member. 3. In order to give migrant workers, in accordance with paragraph 2 of this article, sufficient time to find alternative paid jobs, the residence permit is not withdrawn for at least one period corresponding to the period during which they are eligible for unemployment benefits. Note: There is a notion of limitation in the concept of transit. However, for many migrants, especially those who immigrate in an irregular situation, the journey to the intended destination can take months or years. This calls into question the concept of transit and raises the question of how long it will take for the transit country to be considered a destination (UN Human Rights Office, situation of migrants in transit (2015) p. 5).

No migrant worker or family member can be tortured or treated in a cruel, inhuman or degrading manner. Today, more than 258 million migrants worldwide live outside their country of birth. This figure is expected to increase for a number of reasons, including population growth, connectivity, trade, rising inequality, demographic imbalances and climate change. Migration offers tremendous opportunities and benefits for migrants, host communities and communities of origin. However, if it is poorly regulated, it can lead to considerable challenges. These challenges include the overwhelming social infrastructure, with the unexpected arrival of large numbers of people and the death of migrants travelling dangerously. b) Public services or employment agencies on the basis of an agreement between the states concerned; Recalling that one of the objectives of the International Labour Organization set out in its Constitution is the protection of the interests of workers when they are employed in countries other than their own and that, given the expertise and experience of that organization in cases involving migrant workers and their family members, a State that ratifies or joins this Convention cannot exclude the application of part of that convention. or, without prejudice to Article 3, to exclude from its application any particular category of migrant workers. 2. Employment States facilitate, in accordance with their national legislation, the consultation or participation of migrant workers and their family members in decisions relating to the life and administration of local communities. 1.

A migrant worker or family member cannot be kept in slavery or slavery. See also bilateral agreements on labour migration, migration For the purposes of this Convention, migrant workers and their family members: Migration Health – A public health issue that focuses on the theory and practice of assessing and addressing migration-related factors that may affect the physical, social and mental well-being of migrants and the public health of host communities. 2. Where existing legislation does not allow migrant workers and their family members to pay interested persons the opportunity to pay interested parties the amount of contributions they have made for this benefit on the basis of the treatment of nationals in a similar field. She said the number of migrants on the crossing has increased exponentially, in part because of the good weather this year, and accused smuggling gangs of “facilitating” dangerous travel.