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Patricio Casillas has experience in American and international management, particularly in the life sciences sector. He has developed, developed and led high-level organizations, from start-ups to PE-based portfolio companies, and has led fortune 100 businesses. Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. However, the Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers who take their “New Approaches” program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Labour Commission website. John Zombolas is a professional in finance and management, an investor and an experienced trader in private equity, investment banking, investment management and corporate consulting. John can be described as a results-oriented serial entrepreneur with the talent to maximize the value of available resources and drive growth through organic and acquired means. He is a proven team leader, project manager and business developer with a “high-touch, high quality” approach to customer relationship and service. As an AM specialist, John is involved in all aspects of project management and agreement implementation, including target research, diligence, financial evaluation and modeling, funding, fundraising and negotiations until the final agreement. Actus Verto is a successful business transformation expert. Our proven delivery approach (DaaS) ensures that customers achieve their transformation goals faster, more efficiently and with better results.

Randy was involved in the acquisition of more than $100 million for PE investments in private equity and private equity funds. In DirecPath`s founding group, they raised $65 million in equity from Hicks Holdings, DirecTV and pension funds. He then led the AM team in successfully negotiating and concluding sales contracts, managing all aspects of the legal, financial and operational due diligence process, and successfully completed 5 acquisitions in the first year of operation. In 2004, he helped raise $50 million for Fluviomar S.A. from Darby Overseas Investments, Cargill Value Investments, Exim Bank, to finance and create the second largest inland navigation operator on the Parana River System, based in Argentina. Post-financing financing – assistance in the acquisition of 2 other operators in Paraguay and Brazil, the acquisition and purchase of more than $30 million of capital equipment, the definition of policies and procedures, the selection and implementation of an ERP/financial system needed to support the growth of operations. In Citicorp Equity Investment. It was part of the mergers and acquisitions of teams involved in more than $2 billion in transactions for CATV, media, telecommunications and Internet assets in 1997-98. The partners were TCI International (TINTA) and Telefonica Internacional (TISA). Acquisitions included: (Torneos y Competencias, Pramer, Canal 9, Editorial Atlantida, Cablevision, VCC, Supercanal, Mandeville and various Internet companies). Take comfort and security in our excellent service offer, with an inclusive service level agreement. As an operating partner, Randy`s performance experience includes several sectors and businesses with revenues of $10 million to $500 million.