Unable To Get Agreement On Flat Pint

If you want to add more details to your rental agreement, you can select the Word document download, save it to your computer and add it later. Hello, I work at the S/W Company in Navi Mumbai. My mother is UP. A year ago, I received an apartment to rent in Navi Mumbai (In Ghansoli). I took this apartment to rent Rs.3500/M. And we gave the brokerage of Rs.5000 to the realtor. Our dish is in Mumbai. We also have Bond for 11 months. The borrowing date was now over. The landlord asked us to extend the loan, and he said the rent was Rs 4,000. It was too high for 1 year (about 15% increment).

Apart from that, the broker is asking Rs. 4000 as a broker for the extension of the loan for this year. These are the illegal things, fraud, fraud, theft he had done. What necessary steps I can take to the broker. Please do to me what? If there is no inventory of the condition of the property prior to the move, the owner cannot use this inventory to prove the original condition of the property and/or the damage resulting from your lease. If you decide to make one when you move in, make sure that all existing damage is written on the document! The “origin type” you have chosen extends inside your property. If you want your lease to include other areas. B, such as a private garden or common area, you should list the extra part. Although the article seems to have been published about 6 years ago, it is still one of the best similar websites. Congratulations! Right now. In the case of the proposal for a period of no more than 11 months for the approval of LEAVE AND LICENCE, there is a situation practically felt by the owners. In order to ensure that the existing tenant will continue with the occupancy which will result in the continuity of receipt of the rent without the Hassels of the identification of another licensee after the payment of another month of brokerage and loss of rent for the interval, the lessor wants the next agreement to be executed at least 3 months (the notice agreed in the agreement) before the expiry of the existing agreement.

Such an agreement in separate documents will show the date of implementation with the validity date of the agreement, but also say that the effective date of the agreement (NEW) starts from a date after the expiration of the current agreement, say a few days or even a month, to show an interruption of continuity! Now, is it consistent with the validity of the new agreement between the execution date and the expiry date of the new agreement, more than 12 months that attract local RENT CONTROL LAWS? Example of existing agreement executed 21-3-2016 Actual data from 1-4-2016 to 28-2 -2017. with 3 months` notice integrated on both sides to evacuate without cause. For the next period, the tenant/landlord chooses to “renew” himself by another contract if it takes effect on November 30, 2016, date of 1.4.2017 to 28-2 2018! Is it treated at more than 12 months/or exactly 16 months? A clarification will be of great help. 55 comments on this issue were not mentioned. The typical agreement also prohibits subletting. In order to prevent tenants from over-renting, experts recommend including a rent quadrupling clause if the tenant does not leave when the contract ends. Most owners prefer a lease and a licensing agreement. This agreement grants the tenant only one licence to occupy the property for a period of 11 months, with a regular renewal option. Since rent control laws (which are largely in favour of tenants) apply only to leases of at least 12 months, the setting of an 11-month contract serves as a pre-emption measure. I did X-rays and work clinics 30 years ago. my property on rent. legally no document for the lease or lease have the owners.

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