U.s. India Sign Military-Intelligence-Sharing Agreement

Mattis said the agreement would “deepen military-military cooperation and our ability to share the most advanced defense technology and make us both stronger,” he said in a selection of the Pentagon news conference after the meeting. NEW DELHI – India and the United States signed a pact Tuesday to share geostrategic knowledge that paves the way for deep military cooperation between the two countries as they face an increasingly confident China. The two countries will also hold the first summit of the Annex on Industrial Security this year to further strengthen industrial cooperation in the field of defence, he said in the joint statement. The annex, signed in December 2019, allows for closer cooperation between industry and industry for co-production and co-development in the defence sector. The agreement is part of the 2002 General Security of Military Information Agreement between the two countries and allows U.S. companies to apply for major defense operations in India to cooperate with Indian private firms. The United States has asked India to sign the agreement to purchase advanced U.S. military equipment. The four fundamental agreements are necessary, but they are far from sufficient to ensure more fluid coordination between U.S. and Indian forces. And there are still considerable obstacles to ensuring that the two forces can work together smoothly – to discourage Chinese adventurism, and if that fails, to defend common interests during the war. India`s appetite for Russian weapons systems remains a sensitive point from Washington`s point of view.

On Tuesday, India and the United States signed the final agreement of this type – the Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) on the exchange of geographic data. “This is a fundamental agreement that the United States has signed with many of its partners for greater interoperability,” the source said. On Tuesday, India and the United States signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) defence pact. With BECA, the two countries will now share high-end military technology, maps and satellite data classified between their military. moU for technical cooperation in earth observation and earth sciences; the agreement extending the duration of cooperation with the World Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership in India; The agreements on the electronic exchange of customs data between the postal operations of the two countries and, finally, the Memorandum of Understanding for research in Ayurvedic sciences have been coloured.