Arizona State Purchasing Cooperative Agreement

C. The activities described in this section do not limit what the parties can do under a co-operative sales contract. G. Any public procurement organization that carries out or manages a co-operative sales contract for the purchase of construction services or professional and professional services complies with the provisions of sections 34 to 603 or 41-2578. Arizona`s cooperation program is managed by the Arizona Department of Administration, State Procurement Office, pursuant to Chapter 23, Section 10 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The state has more than 900 national contracts that are available for the purchase of co-op. A. When empowered by their legislative bodies or other governing bodies, two or more public bodies may, by contract or direct agreement, provide services or exercise joint powers, and they may enter into joint action or cooperation agreements or form a separate legal entity; including a not-for-profit organization to provide or provide one or all of the services covered by the contract or agreement, or to exercise these powers jointly by the contracting parties, except that if two or more school districts become contracting parties pursuant to this section, that contract is first approved by the National Education Board. Mr. Ariz. Rev. STAT. ANN.

authorized cooperative purchases; Definitions The following agencies are authorized to purchase under this contract: This contract applies to the use of all departments, agencies, commissions and boards of directors of the State of Arizona. In addition, eligible universities, political sub-departments and non-profit educational or health institutions may participate at their discretion. In order to participate in this contract, a university, political subsection or a non-profit educational or health institution has entered into a cooperative purchasing agreement with the Department of Administration, State Procurement Office, pursuant to the Arizona Revised Statutes 41-2632. For more information about the Co-Op program, please visit E. A federal authority or a public authority in another state, the contracting party to an agreement or contract under this section is not required to send the agreement or contract to the lawyer for the department or agency, unless required by federal law or the law of the other state. The university has agreements with the following organizations/institutions, which allow the university to purchase goods/services from its established contracts. Click on the organization/institution of your choice for more information on how to use the contracts. You should use your PCard for orders of $10,000 or less and a requirement for orders over $10,000. Offers are not required when purchasing these contracts, regardless of the dollar amount. B. The Agency`s public procurement officials submit a written request to the Public Procurement Administrator before participating in a cooperation agreement with another public procurement agency or a group of procurement units.

The written application for authorization must indicate the extent to which the procurement management unit complies with A.R.S. 41-2634. D. Unless there is a provision in subsection E, any agreement or contract in which an adjudicative body or authority of that state is entered into, in accordance with this article, prior to its execution, is submitted to counsel for each of these bodies or contracting powers, which will determine whether the agreement is properly, within the limits of the powers and powers conferred by that state`s laws on that body for public bodies or public procurement.