Agreement In Swedish

These conditions govern the relationship between Stellar Capacity AB, .b.a Swedish for Professionals, Reg. No. 556990-0102, S-gaan 165, 116 32 Stockholm (“Swedish for professionals”) and the client (“customer”), respectively known as “party” and jointly referred to as “parties”. These terms and conditions of sale (the “Terms of Sale”) and the “confirmation of order” (Sw. Orderbekr-ftelse) provided constitute the agreement (“Agreement”) between the contracting parties. The specific conditions set out in the order confirmation apply in the terms and conditions of sale. The government, the moderate party, the centrist party and the Christian Democrats have reached an agreement on Sweden`s long-term energy policy. The agreement consists of a common roadmap for the controlled transition to a fully renewable electricity system, with a view to producing 100% electricity from renewable energy sources by 2040. The Saltsjobaden Agreement (Swedish: Saltsj-badsavtalet) is a Swedish labour market contract signed on 20 December 1938 between the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions (Swedish: Landsorganisationen, LO) and the Swedish Confederation of Employers (svenska arbetsgivaref-reningen, SAF), which has become the model of other agreements. The rules governing trade union action are now almost seen as general principles of the law of conflict between labour market forces.

[2] The agreement cemented the Swedish social rule that both sides must enter into agreements without government interference. [3] The agreement is still in force, with the last amendments taking place in 1976. [4] Selected BIBSAM institutions have open access agreements with Springer Nature, which means that authors associated with participating institutions may be allowed to publish their Open Access (OA) articles with their fees. The agreements include more than 600 full OA magazines and 1,850 hybrid magazines throughout the Springer Nature portfolio. In addition, you have full access to all Springer subscription log content. This agreement, put in place by Bibsam, runs until 31 December 2021. This agreement remains valid until further notice. Swedish for Professionals is authorized to change the terms and conditions of sale without notice.

The amended terms will be published on the Swedish for Professionals ( website.