Af Enterprise License Agreements (Ela)

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) — the Pentagon`s information technology purchasing subsidiary — is pursuing joint enterprise licensing agreements (JELAs) that cover several DoD agencies. Over the past two years, DISA has produced JELAs with Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Adobe, all of which seem to work smoothly. The military also had problems with a Symantec ELA that it signed in 2013, which was – like VMware ELA — a maintenance contract that also allowed unlimited downloads of software licenses. Why Adobe products? – Provides DoD-certified services – Interoperable data collection expands content delivery functions (Web, Print, Digital, Design, Distribution) Significantly – Cost Savings and Huge Resource Consolidation – Connections and Improvements to Existing Enterprise Content Management Systems – Improved Security, Encryption, Authentication and Digital Signature Stream – Exponential Increases The Business Efficiency of Carahsoft`s Multiple Calendars, Contracts and Contracts That Purchase DISA Solutions Sees JELAs as a Way to Broadcast Licenses software and the contracts that its agencies have generated over the years, to control and reduce the number of employees needed to manage them. The 2013 VMwares Enterprise licensing agreement with the us army led to larger than expected invoices for some subordinate orders, but there were some DOD-ELA that worked rather well. “There is a good reason why these contracts are in place. DISA and others want to ensure business consistency and standardization and ensure they get fair and reasonable prices,” says Tony Colangelo, executive member of Minburn Technology Group, a Microsoft distributor partner based in Great Falls, Va. Adobe JELA Solutions – Adobe Acrobat Pro – Adobe Creative Cloud – Adobe Experience Manager Forms – Adobe PPBU (z.B. ColdFusion, Captivate, Presenter, etc.) The Adobe Joint enterprise licensing agreement in a multi-year contract that uses the purchasing power of 2.6 million DoD employees to reduce costs, improve interoperability, expand cooperation, improve document services and expand publishing and creative functions.

In 2013, in 2013, DISA made $617 million of JELA with Microsoft – which covered about 2 million users of the military, air force and DISA — she said the deal would save $100 million over the life of the contract.